Garzanti Linguisitica – This is the website I would like you to use to look up words and verb conjugations online. Make sure that you register so that you will be able to use the verb conjugator. **This company sells an app for your smartphone, a monolingual dictionary and a bilingual (English-Italian) dictionary. I have both and they are very good tools to have. You can purchase the subscription for about 1Euro a month per dictionary if you are interested.

Dizionari @ – Here is another website that you can use to look up words, for free! You can create an icon for the website on your cell phone’s homepage for easy access.

Dizionari @ – ditto – need a quick and easy reference to figure out what the day’s top headlines are? Check this website out, and make sure to click «Italia»! Viva Giappone! – need another quick and easy reference? This website presents the headlines of the top newspapers in Italy, four at a time. Easy to compare headlines and cross-reference.

NY Times – do I really have to explain this one? – this the American branch of the Oggi magazine we read in class. – and this is the Oggi magazine’s website.

Cronologia – This website contains the entire of Italian history. It is truly a remarkable feat, authored by one man, a nice guy with way too much time on his hands. I have referred to this website on many occasions and the information is 100% accurate, every time.

RAI Italica – RAI’s website dedicated to Italy’s cultural history. Good start whenever you need to do a bit of research.

StudentiTV – This link is for their YouTube page. It contains a lot of videos aimed at helping students be successful in school. And since it’s in Italian, you will have ample opportunities to listen to how young Italians speak.

Museo di Leonardo da Vinci – This museum is very interesting. I enjoyed it when I visited it. It houses replicas of Da Vinci’s inventions for you to view. It have plenty of information about the man himself, his works and an intersting museum shop.